Our customers say...

The first-day training really hit home on PIDs in general. The Instructors knowledge of loops and ability to relate it back to a real time application was helpful. The hands-on really brings it all into perspective. I left feeling more confident in my tuning ability. I would most definitely recommend this class to others.
I&E Technician, 2012 Baton Rouge Attendee

I also appreciated how your guys manipulated their schedule to combine service trips when we required on-site assistance. To date your level of assistance, service, and support has been outstanding!
Staff Engineer, Food & Beverage Company

I have been nothing less than highly impressed with the response and caliber of the ControlSoft personnel I've worked with.
Research Associate, Pilkington

Your tech support person did a great job, actually an awesome job… It was good to see how INTUNE did an impossible loop.
Maintenance Engineer, Anheuser Busch

Overall, ControlSoft's technical support has been excellent. Your dedication to customer satisfaction is greatly appreciated.
Field Services Engineer, S.J Controls, Inc.

… outstanding support and assistance we have had with your company
Controls Engineer, Food & Beverage Company

Your product provided far better PID values than I could have. … The technical depth of your user manual sets it apart from all others I have ever seen.
Quality Control Manager, DST Controls

I have never had such straight trend lines and it is all due to the INTUNE & your support.
I & E Manager, Advanced Aromatics

Our system has been running very smoothly. Temperature fluctuations are minimal, usually within + /- 1 degree C. This has been a vast improvement over the previous tuning parameters set by the manufacturer.
Pilot Plant Manager, Food & Beverage Company, Ohio

The values that INTUNE spit out were nothing I thought I could ever use. But they were very close & then I was able to tune it very close. Well worth the cost of the software.
Electrician, Kraft Foods Atlantic

I have tested INTUNE using simulated loops and real loops over the past two months .. and I believe it is a very comprehensive and capable PID loop tuning & diagnostic tool.
Controls Engineer, Air Products & Chemicals

I have built numerous systems over the years with PLC's which use PID loops. Tuning of these PID loops had always been a black magic type of task. … labor-intensive approach … take a guess at initial PID values and then attempt to tune iteratively from there. ... INTUNE is an excellent tool for PID tuning.
Process Engineer, Raytheon TI Systems

After trying to tune 8 PID loops for about 14 hours, our customer called to express his dissatisfaction with the plus 20 to minus 15 degrees accuracy they had achieved. We suggested they try INTUNE. We are very happy to say that within 1 hour we tuned all 8 loops to plus or minus 3 degrees. We downloaded the new PID parameters to the system and ran the process for 3 hours with the new parameters. The results were amazing! We have now achieved a margin of error of less than plus or minus 0.5 degrees.
Automation Group Manager, Consolidated Electric Supply

One particular loop which gave us fits was looked at by two applications engineers from [the PLC manufacturer]. They were unsuccessful in getting it under control. After using [INTUNE], the loop is now functioning to our satisfaction.
Senior Electrical Engineer, Tropicana

It has proven to be a great aid in tuning control loops. .. We had some loops that had to be tuned quickly & tuned right the first time. Without INTUNE it would have been impossible to get them as well tuned as we did. This success has made INTUNE a valued tool for improving plant operations ... It helps us make more use of derivative action in our control loops than we had in the past. Better control is the result.
Principal Engineer, Equistar Chemicals, L.P.

INTUNE works very well in the closed loop mode and provides excellent tuning values in a very short time. Our operators, who enjoy tuning, find it a challenge to find better tuning values. They have had little success thus far! This speaks well of your package.
Staff Electrical Engineer, ARCO Permian

I recommend all furnaces in our company get tuned like this as it makes them more responsive and efficient.
Glass Works Engineer, Pilkington

The PID Loop Tuning Tips Pocket Guide is useful and a nice quick reference.
Engineering Superintendent, Georgia Pacific

The PID Loop Tuning Tips Pocket Guide is a very helpful tool for the techs to carry with them.
Automation & Controls Engineer, Mosaic Potash Carlsbad Inc.

The operator needed to make two adjustments, at a minimum, during the day to compensate for the daily flow pattern. On a typical day, no operator intervention is required. The operator was able to lower the chlorine setpoint, no longer needing to run at a higher setpoint for margin against fast increases in flow.
Senior Engineer, City of Houston

When asked to compare the previous control system to the MANTRA solution, the plant operator says: "They are as different as night and day. The MANTRA control maintains the setpoint constantly within +/- 0.1 ppm."
Operator, American Water Services

Excellent support. I think good progress was made on the project and it was also a good learning experience. I appreciate the ControlSoft consultant's fine input and expert analysis of the work at hand.
Senior Engineer, Pilkington

The overall performance of both the pH and ORP control was an improvement over the standard PID controller. ORP excursions were eliminated. The pH was stabilized. Everything went great. It’s working perfect. We are very happy.
Electrical Project Engineer, GrafTech International Holdings Inc.

We were very happy with the ControlSoft consultant's visit to our site. The power generation control consultant was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I think we got the most of the control room tuning. A few operators worked closely with the consulting engineer, and that is where they tied in the classroom training with practical skills onsite. The operators enjoyed working with him. I would like to see him come back sometime for more consultation. Overall, this was a very successful visit that we would recommend. Part of it also was ControlSoft’s expertise and great customer service. Hope to work together again soon.
Performance Engineer, AES

I am also very confident that the ControlSoft consultant identified the source of our drum level control problem. I was very well pleased with the quality and depth of knowledge he brought to the issue. He and our staff were comfortable working together. Staff and I both agree with the conclusions and methods. I was not disappointed in what the ControlSoft consultant informally delivered at his exit presentation. Looking forward to working with ControlSoft again.
Senior Engineer, NRG Energy

The instructor was great, very knowledgeable, & really helped with questions.
Process Technician, Eastman Kodak

The ControlSoft trainer is EXTREMELY well-versed in automation and PID tuning calculations, yet his communication skills are excellent, and he conveys his knowledge very concisely… This man is GOOD!
Automation Specialist, EMA, Inc.

The training class was excellent. I received a lot of good information and a better understanding of PID loops. Our trainer … is very knowledgeable in the subject matter and more than willing to explain things as they pertain to the real world environment.
Process Control Technician, Food & Beverage Company

The ControlSoft trainer has the ability to relate the math behind PID control with the system responses in a very straight-forward manner.
IT Analyst, Sacramento County Sanitation District

The ControlSoft trainer obviously knows the material well and was able to explain tuning mathematically in a way I had not seen before. I'm looking forward to trying his techniques during my next plant startup. I recommended... that all of our turbine guys take the tuning course...
Project Engineer, Invensys-Triconex

Good practical discussion of PID control parameters related to simple rules of thumb for tuning and control development.
Program Manager, Rockwell Automation

All topics covered were covered very well and will be useful back at the plant. I would recommend the training to anyone wanting to truly understand the control loop tuning process.
Senior Instrument Mechanic, TVA

I truly enjoyed & learned the most from the true-to-life exercises to calculate tuning parameters. It has always been a mystery to me and this class has made me more comfortable about taking my next on-site tuning opportunity.
Electrical Engineer, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

ControlSoft's trainer was very knowledgeable in the subject matter and more than willing to explain things as they pertain to the real world environment.
Process Control Technician, Food & Beverage Company

Best definitions I've ever seen for P, I, & D terms.
Process Engineer, Rohm & Haas

Simplified explanation of concepts was very beneficial. The ControlSoft trainer made this easy to understand both new and reviewing items.
Senior Electrical Engineer, EOM

Excellent explanation of basic IMC theory of operation plus applications and how it correlates to standard PID.
Senior Electrical Engineer, Mi Swaco

Simplest and most useful control training and education that I ever had.
Process Engineer, California Portland Cement

Loop tuning guidelines were quite helpful. Model predictive control discussion was helpful. I thought the training was great.
Process Control Engineer, The Dow Chemical Company

The training was very beneficial and enlightened us to the theory and practice of process control strategies. I saw the lights go on in many of the attendees. The ControlSoft trainer did a great job of simplifying the theory for relatively easy understanding, while challenging us with some of the more involved math happening behind the scenes.
Analyst, E.J. Gallo

As for the advanced control strategies class, any of us who are advancing into the technical consultant area would undoubtedly benefit.
Project Engineer, Invensys-Triconex

All topics were covered very well and will be useful back at the plant. I would recommend the training to anyone wanting to truly understand the control loop tuning process.
I&C Technician, TVA

The training was great. We can now tune an application in about 4 hours that used to take us a week or more to tune properly.
Engineering Technician, Allegheny Energy

The trainer was very knowledgeable and covered everything well. The training and simulation exercises helped to get a grasp on our tuning issues.
I&C Technician, Garland Power and Light