Power Generation

Advanced Control Solutions

ControlSoft advanced process control solutions help you maximize operational coordination among your plant assets and have been applied to a wide range of applications globally. Our solutions leverage a suite of proprietary and patented model-based control technologies in our MANTRA platform tailored by our team of subject matter experts to address plant operational challenges, and to maximize performance of plant assets.

Your Challenges

  • Tighter project budgets
  • Improving operations with limited capital investment
  • Changing regulatory compliance requirements, including environmental emissions
  • Maximizing bottom-line performance for plant operations safely, improving plant reliability and flexibility

Our Solutions

Some examples of our advanced process control solutions are shown below:

Emissions Control
Improve NOx, SOx, and other pollutant emissions during load changes and at steady state operations.
  • Significantly tighter NOx control
  • Quicker / tighter response to unit load changes
  • Lower Ammonia usage
  • Longer catalyst life span
  • Eliminate Ammonia slip

To find out how advanced control solutions improve NOx reduction, see the EPRI Report "Integrating Environmental Process Controls and Combustion Control for NOx Emissions Reduction."

Scrubbing Processes
Apply our MANTRA advanced control solution for pH, ORP control for improved emissions and for discharge stream treatment.

To learn more about our applications, request copies of specific Application Notes and Technical Papers.

Generation Asset Coordination
Widen range of unit AGC capability across MW capacity provided by supplemental firing and/or power augmentation in combined cycle units.

To learn about the benefits of ControlSoft solutions, see the EPRI Report "Case Studies in Flexible Operations of Combined-Cycle and Simple-Cycle Plants - 2015 Update."

Water and Wastewater Treatment
Apply advanced solutions for water quality control, reduce fluctuations in water chemistry and chemical usage in chlorination and de-chlorination.

To learn more, see our Water Wasterwater industry page.

Superheat and Reheat Temperatures
Coordinate the control of Superheat and Reheat Temperatures during load changes, eliminating excursions.

Properly regulating reheat temperature process variable decreases plant heat rate and the thermal stress in intermediate and low pressure turbines.

Apply ControlSoft solutions to utilize all control actions available for steam conditioning, i.e. burner nozzle tilt, attemperation spray, fuel to feed-water ratio, etc., to improve plant steam conditioning and lower maintenance cost.

Custom Application Design
Partner with ControlSoft for design and application of model-based control technology for your power generation processes.

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