Power Generation

Improve plant reliability, emissions control and performance of generating assets.

"ControlSoft's consulting expertise and software tools uncovered the root cause of randomly recurring trip problems at our 410 MW coal-fired generation unit. Their strategies and recommendations led to some of the smoothest startups in the unit's recent history."
– Senior Engineer, NRG Energy

Shorten learning curves for new hires and better institutionalize process knowledge
for everyone at the plant.
Leverage expertise to coordinate existing assets
(DCS, historian, optimizers, heat rate monitors, equipment monitors). Identify and fill in performance gaps currently missed.
Enable the implementation, validation and maintenance/support of automation technologies to optimize plant economic performance.

Advanced Control Solutions

Improve your plant's emissions control, reliability, AGC capability, steam conditioning, water chemistry, and generation assets opertaional coordination and overall plant automation by leveraging our state-of-the-art solutions.

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Collaborative Research

In addtion to providing technology and services, we provide value to the Power Generation industry through collaborative research with EPRI and its partners.

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Your Focus

Plant Managers and Operations Managers
Improve your plant profitability and reliability through control system health and performance.
Engineers & Technicians
Increase your knowledge and productivity to identify and solve performance issues.

Our Technology and Services

Implement a total solution to diagnose process faults and performance degradation, recommend prioritized actions, and identify early indications of equipment failure.
View entire plant control health at a glance – safely and securely from any mobile device.
Tune your control loops with the most widely used tuning software in the power generation industry.
Increase staff capabilities through ControlSoft's industry best practices training for power generation, utilizing essential control theory but focusing on practical fundamentals.
Consulting & Tuning Services
Enhance the effort of your staff engineers and technicians to correct process operational and performance problems through collaboration with ControlSoft expert services.

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