We have expertise in polymer manufacturing operations and can provide:

  • Advanced Process Control (APC) Solutions
  • Technology Development
  • Engineering Delivery
  • Training
Shorten learning curves for new hires and better institutionalize process knowledge
for everyone at the plant.
Maximize performance of existing systems
and identify opportunities to move plant performance
to the next level.
Enable the implementation, validation and maintenance/support of automation technologies to optimize plant economic performance.

Our Services

  • Consulting and technology development services
  • Project development
  • Economical and technical feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Engineering and design
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Training of operations and maintenance personnel
  • Maintenance support

Our Technology

Our advanced process control system provides proprietary advanced process control for the blending of polymers and tight extruder temperature control in the production of plastic resins.
Our loop monitoring and diagnostic software provides a total solution for diagnosing process and control performance degradation, recommending prioritized actions, and identifying early indications of equipment failure.
Our loop monitoring software helps you tune your control loops with the most widely used tuning software in the industry.

Our MANTRA and INTUNE+ platforms are integrated with the advanced control systems licensed by W.R. Grace for UNIPOL™ PP, Univation for UNIPOL™ PE, and Dow PE plants.

Our Partnerships

We partner with some of the best known names in the Polymers Industry (Dow Chemical, Univation Technologies, and W.R. Grace) and our automation systems and advanced process control know-how complements our partners' expertise to support their business objectives. As a partner, we carefully guard all proprietary technologies and confidential information shared with us. We continue to seek these partnerships, forged on our values of integrity, professionalism, mutual respect and understanding.

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