Unique Features of INTUNE+ I&C INSIGHT


Images Are From an Application
of the Tool in a Power Plant.

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Mobile I&C App for Power Plants
  • Performance diagnostic messages with rich context having embedded hyperlinks on the performance of process controllers and plant floor final elements.
Mobile I&C App for Power Plants
  • Process fault root-cause analysis by information drill-down using hyperlinks from diagnostic messages to relevant process performance indices and to relevant process trends focused in relevant time frames.
Mobile I&C App for Power Plants
  • Real-time status overview of control hierarchy and drill-down to performance indices from hierarchy view.
  • Views of process variability propagation across control hierarchy and process areas.
Mobile I&C App for Power Plants
  • Tuning status for DCS PID controllers based on expert system pattern recognition techniques with embedded hyperlinks to process trends focused on relevant time frames.
  • Easy access to the color-coded list of all poorly, fairly, and well-performing plant floor final elements.
  • Customization and expansion for specific customer needs.

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