Process Control System Designed for Multi-Loop Processes

MANTRA is a state-of-the-art open architected advanced control system. It is a full-blown, PC-based configurable control system with more than 90 function blocks, configurable faceplates, and very easy to use, intuitive, drag-and-drop type of function block programming. See complete details.

MANTRA's advanced process control solution has the following advantages:

  1. Specific solutions for specific applications

    The Model Based Controller (MBC) suite allows one to choose a specific control for a specific application: IMC for 1x1 applications, CC for 1x3 applications, and MMC for 2x3 applications. The TCM block is designed specifically for extruder and barrel temperature control.
  2. Full-blown control capability

    A full set of process and logic control functions allows user to build necessary logic around the MBC module for critical conditions, such as switchover, ramping, or emergency shutdown.
  3. Ease of tuning

    All control blocks come with an embedded auto-tuning feature. MANTRA MBC uses a single parameter tuning mechanism which is easy and intuitive for all users.
  4. Multivariable control with flexible control scheme

    MANTRA MMC is a true multivariable control (for 2x3). It allows one to use flexible control schemes when dealing with controller saturation. It also allows user to maintain a target value of one Control Output (Manipulated Variable) in order to maximize the economy of the whole system.
  5. Easy to use and maintain

    Difficulties of use and maintenance are big problems for many MBC technologies. Most MANTRA end-users can maintain, program, and tune the system after first installation.

Here's what people are saying about MANTRA:

"MANTRA is an industry first...a truly advanced process control system with embedded MBC functions."

"The MANTRA system is far superior to any process control system installed in any of our other plants."

"We estimate that we've spent 30% less time on engineering so far this year."

"With MANTRA, we have a vast improvement in the residual chemical concentration control."

"All is going great with MANTRA. I have had no reason to touch it for months."


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