Don't Let Fermentation Control Problems Dissolve Your Profit!

From brewing beer to forming pharmaceuticals, gaining control of your fermentation process can be a nightmare. With so many variables to control over such a long time, the interactions are often too difficult a problem for traditional PID controllers to handle. Add the fact that the multi-phase fermentation process almost always has different control objectives at different stages, and the goal of maximizing product quality while minimizing waste seems almost impossible—regardless of your specific application.

Get Coordinated

ControlSoft is an industry leader in advanced process control (APC) solutions. Our MANTRA APC software is designed to handle even the most difficult fermentation control situations with the use of our advanced Coordinated Controller (CC).

The CC block controls a single process variable by manipulating multiple controller outputs. The goal of the CC block is three-fold: reject any disturbances to the process, respond quickly to setpoint changes, and optimize the available controller outputs during steady-state control.

Benefits of Mantra Coordinated Controller

  • On-the-fly flexibility allows you to change control strategy through different phases and conditions for improved product quality and minimized waste.
  • Optimized control of multiple variables without disturbing the process = better control through process interactions so you never have to spoil a batch.
  • PC-based supervisory control means that you DO NOT need to add or replace existing hardware or adjust any wiring.

ControlSoft solutions featuring MANTRA APC technology can increase the profitability of your process.

  • Improve fermentation control in your application (better efficiency)
  • Improve product quality and consistency (higher percentage of on-spec product), and
  • Reduce energy and material waste (save $$$), all while you
  • Maintain your existing hardware and wiring

What a customer has to say...

When the Waksman Institute of Microbiology (Rutgers University) needed tighter control on their fermentation process, they turned to ControlSoft and our MANTRA control software with Coordinated Controller technology.

Waksman needed the ability to change strategy on the fly, at any point of the fermenting process. The new control system gave us that ability by helping us control critical variables... Ultimately, using CC has allowed Waksman the flexibility needed for faster and tighter control of DO2 levels in relation to process requirements, and helped the facility better accommodate a larger number of clients and a more varied client base.

Ken Callanan, Supervisor, Cell and Cell Products Fermentation at Waksman Institute of Microbiology, Rutgers University

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