About ControlSoft

Our mission at ControlSoft is to bring advanced control-based solutions to the marketplace. The phrase “Advanced Process Control Made Easy” truly reflects the value we bring to our customers. We have come a long way in pursuing our goal; we will continue this mission for many years to come.

Over the past 30 plus years, we have been growing year after year, continually and consistently and our business extends globally. In addition to several U.S. regional offices, we also have offices, presence, and channels in Asia and Europe and international business is now a significant portion of our business.

Our products are considered by end-user clients to be the most advanced control products in the marketplace. To be on the cutting edge of technology innovation, in addition to extensive in-house product and technology development, we continue to maintain close ties with the process control research department at Case Western Reserve University.

More important than the superior technologies we bring to the marketplace is our commitment to our customers. We continually strive to provide the best product and technical support, and we are proud of the numerous compliments and endorsements we receive. Our focus on customers is unwavering. That is how we have been doing business for more than 30 years and is the key to our future.

ControlSoft is comprised of a remarkable group of dedicated and committed professionals who relentlessly pursue the company's mission and contribute to its success. At ControlSoft, we strive to be a socially responsible, for the employee company. We are known for providing high compensation and excellent benefits. It is a sharing and caring place to work, a family-friendly company, with benefits such as year-end bonus, fully paid medical insurance, and sick days for family care, summer company holidays, as well as company paid time off for charity work. As we tell our new colleague employees: "Our plan at ControlSoft is to provide not just a job, but a lifelong career."


Tien-Li Chia, Ph.D.
ControlSoft President

Pioneering Advanced TechnologiesControlSoft's Mission

Our engineers have developed and patented a wide range of control technologies, and have defined control strategies for complex and difficult-to-control processes. Our suite of control technologies includes model-based auto-tuning, heuristic adaptive control, process loop monitoring and diagnostic methods, and model-based multivariable control such as IMC (Internal Model Control), CC (Coordinated Control), and MMC (Modular Multivariable Control).

We are known for our technologies, which have been licensed by more than fifteen prestigious control system manufacturers to embed in their control systems. Our licensees include:

Process Control Systems and Software

ControlSoft has developed a suite of systems and software geared towards meeting the control system requirements of small-to-medium-sized applications in the process industry. Our product development is focused on providing better process control solutions and helping process engineers to do their job better. To service these needs, we have developed two major product lines.

Advanced Process Control Systems

The MANTRA advanced process control system is modular in architecture, and can easily handle systems with a few loops or a few hundred loops. MANTRA offers powerful process control, batch sequencing, and discrete logic, and is network-enabled with full peer-to-peer communication on the Ethernet. The system configuration environment is centered on the Microsoft NT operating system, and supports state-of-the-art object-oriented and ActiveX-based design.

Learn more about MANTRA and MANTRA MCTL >

Software Tools for Engineering and Maintenance

ControlSoft's powerful suite of application software is led by INTUNE, our flagship product, with thousands of licenses installed and in operation worldwide. INTUNE automatically tunes PID loops using an automated test procedure, and saves users significant amounts of time and money by eliminating costly trial-and-error methods of loop tuning. A new loop management software is designed to optimize the performance of regulatory control loops by detecting loop problems, performing sensor diagnostics, and providing overall statistical analysis of historical data.

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Application Engineering and Services

ControlSoft provides services in loop tuning, consultation, and commissioning of the MANTRA control system. Our project engineers have the expertise and commitment to solve difficult process control problems using our advanced control technologies.

Service Modules Structured Around ControlSoft Products

  • Field technical support for loop tuning software and control systems
  • On-site application support for designing control solutions on MANTRA
  • Engineering services for MANTRA-based control system solutions

Key Applications

ControlSoft's advanced control technologies are used in many installations around the world on diverse industrial processes including fermentation systems, food processing systems, glassmaking, extrusion, pulp and paper production, and water and wastewater treatment. Many such systems benefit from multi-variable optimization techniques which lead to increased stability of plant operation and to improved product quality.

Corporate Outlook

An advanced control systems company, ControlSoft has engineered and developed process control systems and solutions since 1985. We have consistently focused on developing advanced control technologies, many of which are patented and licensed by leading industries and systems developers. Continually innovating and developing a complete range of advanced solutions for process control, ControlSoft has sustained an aggressive growth pattern over the past several years.

Our systems and software are in use by thousands of companies globally, and our reputation for customer service—in terms of application support, on-site field service, and phone technical support—is par excellence. We are committed to maintaining this reputation.

From multivariable control to fuzzy logic, from loop optimization and diagnostics to management systems, ControlSoft technology is at the cutting edge of research and development. Our advanced control algorithms and software are designed to improve the efficiency and control quality of continuous and batch processes, thus helping engineers keep their systems current and running smoothly. As companies face new and unique challenges worldwide, we will continue our tradition of providing cost-effective and reliable control technologies to meet these challenges.