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Consulting & Tuning Services

Improve Your Plant Profitability

You can improve your plant profitability through a unit tuning or control enhancement project that is guaranteed to provide a quick economic payback from the very first start up. By working with us, we can guarantee a quick project deployment and improved performance customized to your specific plant challenges, including:

  • Ramp rate improvements for load-follow operation
  • Heat rate improvements on any coal-or gas-fired steam turbine units
  • Disturbance rejection tuning for baseload units
  • Control stability improvements on specific applications, such as
    • Superheat and reheat steam temperatures
    • Net MW generation
    • Throttle pressure
    • Feedwater heater performance
    • Boiler drum level control
    • NOx control

Our staff of PhD systems and control engineering experts have 60+ years of successful, proven, and practical plant experience focused on tuning, improving control strategies, and developing proprietary control technologies for the power generation industry.

Some Recent Projects

  • Coal-Fired Plant – Boiler Drum Level Control Consulting
    • Resolved trip issues on startup
    • Provided some of the smoothest startups in recent history
  • Coal-Fired Plant – Throttle Pressure Variability Consulting
    • Consulting to identify inhibitors on throttle pressure response
    • Target goal improvement in ramp rates
  • Gas-Fired Plant – INTUNE+, Tuning, Training
    • Onsite best practices tuning and control training
    • Multiple unit tuning
    • Unit performance baselining and benchmarking
  • Coal-Fired Plant – BTU Compensation, Net MW Stability
    • BTU compensation consulting
    • Net MW stability study (identify source of small oscillations)
    • Onsite best practices training for staff
  • Coal-Fired Plant – Engineering Services
    • Tuning services
    • Training
  • Gas-Fired Plant – INTUNE+, Tuning, Consulting
    • INTUNE+ deployment
    • Multiple unit tuning (sub- and super-critical)
    • Ramp rate consulting for better rates with reduced temp excursions
    • Improving performance metrics and visibility for plant staff
  • Coal-Fired Plant – Consulting Services
    • Root cause analysis and problem correction services on high pressure feedwater heater instability

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