Power Generation

INTUNE+ for Power Generation

Implement a total solution to:

  • Diagnose process faults and performance degradation
  • Recommend prioritized actions
  • Identify early indications of equipment failure
  • Optimize DCS control loop performance

ControlSoft has successfully implemented the latest technology for power generation that gives plant management teams the ability to see real-time plant performance at a level that had been previously unattainable.

Our Technology

Our technology for Power Generation enables teams to:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing variation on critical applications like superheat steam temperature control (fuel consumption reduction)
  • Increase revenue by improving net MW stability, ramp rates, and startup times
  • Eliminate trips, penalties, and reduce grid purchases by solving application-specific issues, from feedwater and boiler drum control startup to BTU compensation and condenser pressure control
  • Shorten the learning curve for new hires by training your team with industry best practices and critical process control fundamentals for the power generation process

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Meeting Today's Challenges

Power Generation plants around the world face many challenges:

  • Increasing fuel costs that cut big into budgets or reduce discretionary spending
  • Aging equipment that jeopardizes production targets
  • Emissions profiling that punishes with large penalties for failed compliance
  • Lost expertise as your most knowledgeable personnel retire at a time when availability and reliability are more critical than ever
  • Transitioning from being a manager focused on running the plant to a businessman focused on financial success

Using our INTUNE+ software, you can address:

Applications Handled

Applications include, but are not limited to, the following on coal, gas, and oil fired units:

Fuel, air and other primary measurements from the existing DCS system, including gross MW, Coal feeder speeds, mill outlet differentials and temperatures, ignition gas flow, Coal BTU, primary air flow, secondary air flow, over fire air damper demand, excess O2, NOx, CO, stack gas temperature, FD fan vane positions, burner air damper positions, windbox to furnace differential pressure, feedwater flow, superheat and reheat temperatures, reheat spray flow, economizer inlet and outlet gas temperatures, boiler efficiency, unit heat rate, burner flame status, air flow control loop A/M mode, O2 trim loop A/M mode, as well as other loops, parameters, or application areas as assigned.

ControlSoft Impact Areas

Higher Power Sales

Lower Operating Costs

Strategic Benefits


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