Power Generation


Boost Engineering Solutions in Power Generation

Increase your knowledge and productivity to identify and solve performance issues

As the plant engineer, you know how useful tools and the right know-how can save the time to identify and solve equipment and performance problems. ControlSoft has the technology and expertise to address these issues.

  • Reducing effort to conduct root cause analysis and to tune control loops
  • Extending equipment life by reducing process variations
  • Institutionalizing process knowledge by solving application-specific issues, from feedwater and boiler drum control startup to BTU compensation and condenser pressure control
  • Helping to identify control strategy gaps by leveraging the ControlSoft on-site consulting expertise
  • Shortening the learning curve for new hires by training your team with industry best practices and critical process control fundamentals for the power generation process

Through our products and services, ControlSoft addresses critical areas that plants must address to reduce costs and increase production.

  • Excessive Process Variations
    Excessive process variation increases production costs and reduces the life of your equipment. INTUNE+ Process Navigator minimizes oscillations and eliminates or reduces overshoots and thermal stress on equipment.
  • Ramp Up or Down Instability
    Poor control strategy or tuning can cause your units to be unstable during load changes. INTUNE+ Process Navigator provides tools to optimize control performance during warm starts, cold starts, and AGC operation.
  • Increase Your Productivity
    INTUNE+ Process Navigator helps identify the control issues that are having the biggest impact on the reliability and stability of your power units. Then prioritize your efforts to have the biggest impact on power output or production costs.
  • View Entire Plant Health At-A-Glance
    INTUNE+ I&C INSIGHT for Process Industry and Power Plants informs I&C engineers and technicians of the results of performance diagnostics on process controllers and plant floor final elements. Using their mobile devices, I&C crews gain the crucial ability to view and access how process variability propagates through various process areas and the control hierarchy.
  • Consulting and Unit Tuning Services
    For those chronic control problems, ControlSoft's distinguished consultants have deep, practical expertise in systems and process control engineering. Our extensive field experience and progressive approach can assist you to identify the root cause and recommend a solution.
  • Training
    Increase your capabilities through focused and power specific training. ControlSoft uses essential control theory but focuses on practical fundamentals to train in best practices for power generation. The courses include hands-on, real-time examples and simulations from power plants.

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