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PID Loop Tuning
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ControlSoft strives to provide the most advanced leading technologies in process control solutions, performance monitoring and process diagnostic tools. We are committed to providing first class technical support, which has been recognized by thousands of end-users. Our superior technologies and solutions have been valued and embedded in many other control systems since 1985.

MANTRA Advanced Process Control Systems supervisory software applies model predictive techniques to improve control strategies for traditional PLC and DCS systems improving profitability and product quality.

INTUNE is a plant management and process control predictive maintenance tool that combines process control monitoring with powerful diagnostic and PID loop tuning/optimization tools to improve your plant performance: energy reduction, increased productivity, consistent product quality, plant engineering productivity, and continuous improvement.

The Modular Multivariable Controller (MMC) provides an effective means of controlling one or more process variables to their respective setpoints using two or more control outputs. If there are more control outputs than process variables, the MMC can drive selected control outputs to user-specified target values.

Our model predictive controller suite offers solutions to basic multivariable 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 2x3 and other controller design configurations according to your needs. The controllers can be used for split range control problems, boiler control, distillation column control, constraint control, and many other control applications. The controllers are available in FORTRAN, C-language and other platforms.

ControlSoft is known for providing innovative technology-based process control tools and solutions since 1985. Recognized by end-users for providing exceptional services and technical support, ControlSoft provides custom services (onsite expert tuning, consulting, control studies and system installation), as well as training in PID tuning, loop optimization and control strategies.

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